• Nicol Dalla Longa

Yes, we mesh!

High performance

Plasma Cloud mesh uses B.A.T.M.A.N. protocol with throughput metric and thus optimizes the traffic flow aiming at very high throughput.

It works on both 2.4 and 5 GHz radio frequencies and Plasma Cloud single-band, dual-band and tri-band Access Points all mesh together seamlessly. Naturally, this feature extends to all migrated third party devices as well – say goodbye to any compatibility issues!


Our mesh is self-forming and self-healing and as such automated recovery and fail-over are built in: when the uplink connection is lost, devices scan their neighborhood and try to find their mesh network automatically. Sit back and relax while your devices work for you.


Plasma Cloud allows disabling the mesh network to reduce your network overhead and increase overall performance in situations where all Access Points are wired. As we do not want to limit you with a network-wide mesh on-off switch, Plasma Cloud also allows single devices to individually override the network-wide mesh settings by disabling or enabling the mesh, granting extreme flexibility for all your clients.

A practical example? This functionality allows you to have a completely wired network with a single area connected via mesh, all of this while still having the best performance possible with no unnecessary overhead.


Our console offers you unmatched visibility of your mesh networks topology, ensuring you can easily have the mesh full control at your fingertips.

Our mesh topology allows viewing the state of your whole network, both wired and wireless, with the option to either visualize the routes from mesh devices to gateway or to select the mesh link view to get the information of each individual mesh link.

Where does a mesh network shine?

Mesh network is essential in all those areas where Ethernet cabling cannot exist or is too expensive and time-consuming to install. 

Campgrounds and marinas are some of the most obvious use cases, as installing a wired network in those environments can be rather impossible. However, even hotels, private homes or large dwellings can greatly benefit from a mesh network, often used as a quick and easy Wi-Fi extension of the existing wired infrastructure.

Wherever you may decide to eventually build your mesh network – if what you seek is high performance, reliability, flexibility and visibility, make sure it’s a Plasma Cloud mesh!