• Nicol Dalla Longa

What is Mesh Network Wi-Fi?

Are you looking for an office Wi-Fi solution that will boost your speeds and flexibility? If so, you have come to the right place! Keep reading to learn more about what a mesh network is and the benefits it can provide to your organization.

Understanding Mesh Networks

Before we get into any further details, let's review what a mesh network is.

Think of a mesh network as a tool that allows you to extend the Wi-Fi coverage in your office building. It enhances your coverage by sharing your Wi-Fi network across multiple devices, ensuring that everyone on your team can access fast Internet speeds.

All Wi-Fi networks are centered around traditional routers, and this vital piece of technology is what allows you to broadcast the signals to your computers and other Internet devices. Most people aren't thinking about their router until the Wi-Fi goes out or you reach a section of your office where the signal is too weak to operate.

A mesh network can help you boost this limited signal so that you can eliminate dead zones by providing your devices with multiple access points around the building. One will link to the modem and act as if it were a router, and the other satellite access points will capture the signal to rebroadcast it further.

If you have a large office building and need to expand your Wi-Fi network - without having to replace your existing equipment - a mesh network like those offered by Plasma Cloud may be the best option for you.

How Do They Work?

So, how does the mesh network Wi-Fi enhance the speed and flexibility of your Internet connection?

The key is its ability two link various access points to a single Wi-Fi network. Unlike traditional routers that provide your Internet connection from one device, a mesh network seamlessly links several access points as if you had multiple routers in your office.

While this might seem like something complex to set up, it is actually very simple. All you need to do is identify dead spots and fill in those gaps with the mesh network solution provided by Plasma Cloud.

Benefits of Mesh Network Wi-Fi

There are many benefits to investing in a mesh network, especially if you have a large office with many employees that need to access the Wi-Fi. Normal routers have trouble distributing signals across multiple floors, and your mesh network can eliminate dead spots and ensure everyone is up and running.

This technology also makes manage in your network very easy. Most solutions are automated, so you can manage the entire network from a simple application - even when you're not in the office. That means that you can scan speeds, change access to certain networks, test connection quality, and create guest networks directly from your smartphone!

Mesh network Wi-Fi also streamlines connections and eliminates the need for clunky range extenders that require separate networks with unique names. This feature eliminates a lot of lag since all access points are utilizing the same signal.

Not only does investing in a Plasma Cloud mesh network solution increase the speed and flexibility of your connection, but it also allows you to add tighter security measures. You can easily install and check for firmware updates, ensuring that your router devices are always safe and secured.

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