• Nicol Dalla Longa

New arrivals in the Plasma Cloud family

Ladies and gents, today we bring you yet another great news! Plasma Cloud is proud to finally introduce its new Wi-Fi Access Point offering, reaching yet another important milestone in the long-term plan of providing a full Open Mesh product line replacement, from hardware to cloud.

Two new access points are now available for testing, ready to replace the Open Mesh A42 and A62 models in your product offering. We are delighted to present you the PA1200 and PA2200, your new trusted dual-band and tri-band access points.

Access Points: PA1200 and PA2200

The PA1200 is a powerful access point broadcasting concurrently on the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz frequencies. It is aimed at filling the gap left by the Open Mesh A42 and comes with an outdoor-ready enclosure, IP55 certified (weather resistant). The higher-end PA2200 (most powerful access point in our offering) is intended to take over the spot left by the Open Mesh A62. It comes with one 2.4GHz radio and two 5GHz radios that together ensure optimal spectrum utilization and faster throughput for your customers.

But the great news does not end here. We have in fact a third access point model coming out soon, substituting the Open Mesh OM2P: the PA300. The PA300 is a real improvement over the renowned OM2P as it is 2.4GHz dual-stream (leading to higher throughput) and it comes in the same enclosure as the PA1200. This allows the PA300 to be outdoor ready as well without any need for you to buy an enclosure separately. In addition, this model will also be produced with two external antennas which can be replaced by any external dual-stream antenna of your choosing (point-to-point/sector/etc), thereby increasing achieved throughput.

All our models are certified for US/Canada/Europe/Australia, support 802.af/802.3at PoE and provide the various mountings loved by Open Mesh customers. Here is a glimpse of their specs: