• Nicol Dalla Longa

Goodbye Open Mesh: the next chapter is Plasma Cloud

Goodbye Open Mesh, it was great until it lasted. This article was created for all those long standing Open Mesh customers looking for an Open Mesh alternative and replacement. The solution is here and is called Plasma Cloud. Interested? Then just read on.

At the beginning of 2017, Datto announced the acquisition of Open Mesh and the launch of the Datto Networking product line. Thus, Open Mesh wireless Access Points and Ethernet Switches were rebranded and exclusively distributed through Datto’s global network of Managed Service Provider partners.

Later, in October 2018, another announcement by Datto declared the end of the free Open Mesh model. Datto Networking officially adopted a new pricing model which required all new customers to pay a monthly recurring fee, contrary to the original Open Mesh model which provided a lifetime free CloudTrax license with the purchase of its products.

This change in the original business model left many long standing Open Mesh customers looking for an Open Mesh alternative and replacement. This is when some of them reached out to a group of former Open Mesh engineers, who had decided to leave the company during the time of the Datto acquisition, and called them back into action to keep the Open Mesh spirit alive. This group included, among others, Marek Lindner, ex-CTO of Open Mesh, who had worked with Open Mesh since the very early days of the first products, namely the OM1P. Over the following months other former Open Mesh veterans joined the effort: Plasma Cloud was born.

The future of Open Mesh and CloudTrax

Open Mesh hardware can still be bought with no recurring fees, but the leftover inventory is very limited and only available through selected distributors and resellers. Furthermore, the end of life (EOL) of even the most recent Open Mesh hardware products is edging closer and currently set to the end of December 2021. After this date, Open Mesh will stop providing technical support services, such as software or firmware bug fixes and hardware repair services.

As a matter of fact, even though no EOL is currently planned for the CloudTrax management platform, current Open Mesh customers will practically be forced to purchase Datto Networking products, move to the new “Datto Cloud” and pay the related monthly fees, leading to significant recurring costs. Another option would be to look for an Open Mesh replacement to upgrade current networks which in some cases may lead to a complete loss of the Open Mesh investment.

Luckily, Plasma Cloud was created to provide an alternative to Open Mesh and CloudTrax that delivers on all the main aspects everybody always loved about Open Mesh products, its ease of use and low cost, while protecting the Open Mesh investment. And best of all, the team behind Plasma Cloud is a strong believer in delivering a lifetime free cloud solution which is exactly what motivated them to continue the Open Mesh mission.

Plasma Cloud, the Open Mesh and CloudTrax alternative

Started by a team of former Open Mesh veterans who strived to build a low latency and clutter-free cloud management system, Plasma Cloud offers a smart and affordable turnkey solution to cover all your needs in and around your network. The company is a newcomer on the block (created in 2018) yet staffed with ex-Open Mesh employees with 10+ years experience in the cloud networking domain and who possess a good understanding of what Open Mesh customers expect.

Plasma Cloud’s product suite includes white labeled mesh capable WiFi Access Points and PoE Switches in various sizes that come with a lifetime free fully customizable cloud-based management platform. They can be deployed in virtually any situation, both indoor and outdoor, thanks to a wide range of mounting options. Our PA300, PA300E and PA1200 are even enclosed in a IP55 certified outdoor housing which is completely dust and water resistant.

The Plasma Cloud console is extremely scalable, allowing network providers and system integrators to service networks of all sizes from anywhere at any time, with a minimal learning curve. It is engineered to be so simple that there will be no need to spend countless hours configuring your network: just plug and play!

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